JSC Paladija, Lithuania

JSC Paladija is a Lithuanian company that was founded in 1998. In 2005 the company started to work with building materials such as magnesium cement, calcium silicate and fiber cement panels. 

Within 10 years our team gained a huge experience in facade decoration. Because of that we are able to give good advice to our customers about the products and industry. Currently our business covers more than 50 building stores in Lithuania as well as direct customers, builders and architects. Starting in August 2015 engineers of our paint factory are introducing a new double-coded paint technology, which allows us to make extremely high quality products.
Only high quality materials and products are available in our company, therefore we would proudly introduce Shera production ( planks, panels and skirts) in the Lithuanian market in 2015/2016. As participants of Resta 2016 (the biggest exhibition for building materials in the Baltic states) we will present and promote Shera production.
In short, Paladija is innovation driven and is always seeking for new products and market opportunities. We believe that with the help of our company Shera production will be recognized by Lithuanians and evolve to a well known brand.

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B.Sruogos str. 14, Kaunas Lithuania.