Welcome to Xcon, Germany

A modern company, founded 1996, with a focus on high-quality technology and sophisticated products for the modern building construction, assisting its partners in marketing, distribution, purchasing and outsourcing activities. Xcon consults, procures and sells 'xcellent' quality - without 'xception'.

The main concern of the company’s professionals is their customers' requirements and, of course,the customer himself. They are committed to being available to the customer at any time and any place. Xcon provides 'xcellent' service - without 'xception'.

Xcellent contacts

The emphasis of the business is on fibre-cement building material and electrical switch gear for household and industrial applications.


Any Xcon product is either made in Europe or CE approved (and certified) for its use in Europe; beside its own range Xcon is the link between the user/distributor and the manufacturer; Xcon supports the prospective buyer in his world-wide search for the suitable supplier - and vice versa!

Xcon and SHERA

In 2012 Xcon partnered with SHERA, based in Bangkok Thailand and now provides high quality and environmentally friendly fibre cement boards and planks in Germany and neighbouring countries. 

Manufactured and accredited to international standards, our products are the perfect accompaniment to your home or building.



Xcon GmbH & Co KG 

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Tel: +49 5242 577 466


Email: shera [at] xcon dot de



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