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Ikodomia based in Cyprus was founded in 1994 and is at the forefront of advanced building solutions such as energy efficient homes and commercial solutions in Cyprus and Greece.

Ikodomia's aim was to find more effective building solutions for typical construction issues of the time. Ikodomia is committed to enforce modern construction techniques and has turned the industry around in its region and represents the idea of better value, faster build times and more energy efficient solutions to construction.

Over the years Ikodomia has become associated with superior construction techniques and professional service. Today, Ikodomia still stands for its original principals of encouraging efficient construction methods that are more relevant to the needs of a changing society – now more than ever before.

SHERA are proud to be partners with Ikodomia, who are distributors of SHERA fibre cement building materials such as SHERA board, SHERA plank and also SHERA floor plank, across the Cyprus and Greece region.

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18, Monis Machera Street,




Phone / Fax:

National Telephone: 7777 1400

International Telephone: +357 25 749996

Fax: +357 25746607 


info [at] ikodomia [dot] com 



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